What words should I weave about the art of writing?

I do it simply,

because I adore it !

I need not say more. Yet, perhaps I should: Okay, I write stories because I can.

Because my thoughts blossom, my ideas spark brightly enough to create worlds and characters whom I deeply love or passionately despise.

Because time is scarce, yet I find it. Because I never give up. Because I adore crazy tales and yearn to hold one of those rare books that keep me awake at night. Because I write for myself, and am fortunate that others appreciate it too.

Because I love to observe, not just people, but their actions too, compelling me to subject them in my stories to the consequences of their deeds.

Because, let me emphasize again, I simply love it!

Because in writing, there should be no limits, and it takes courage to stay true to oneself and voice what many may not want to 'hear'.

AND because a former friend, back when we were friends, advised me to quit, claiming I had no talent and was, plainly, terrible.

How wrong she was, and still is!

And if you're curious about what the picture above has to do with writing, kindly ask me, and I'll be happy to craft a story for you.


Pferdenasen und das Ende von FuckingRoman aus dem Ennstal
© 2024 - Michael E. Tritscher | Fotographer & Author | Schladming-Dachstein  | Austria
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