View of the World

to make visible to others
  • People

    Hidden Souls, 
    Impressively Captured
  • Realms of the Mountains

    Alpine Photography with a Focus on Artistry and Spectacle
  • Nature Photography

    Awakening Wonder, 
    Opening Eyes
  • Moments

    Transcending Moments into Eternity
  • Architecture

    Line Art & Vanishing Points, 
    Narrating Stories
  • Magic

    Connection Between Silence 
    & Mysteries of the Night
  • Mobile Masterpieces

    Concealed Art, Always at Hand


Photography, to me, is more than just a craft – it's a way of life, a relentless endeavor to make my subjective view of the world visible to others. It embodies art, style, passion, and expression all at once. As a photographer, reality is far from sufficient for me – I strive to go beyond. I revel in exaggerating images, portraying hyperboles, and uncovering the invisible to the naked eye. Capturing hidden moments that would otherwise be lost in the swift pace and banality of our everyday lives.


I seek beauty in quiet imperfection, discover details that make people unique, and capture magical moments. This quest for the extraordinary in the mundane continually reignites my passion for photography, elevating the aesthetics of the imperfect to a higher plane.
My Portraits of People
Bergwelten FotografieFotografie Bergwelten

Mountain Worlds

In my quest, I find beauty in subtle imperfections, uncover details that render people unique, and capture enchanting moments. This pursuit of the extraordinary amidst the ordinary continually rekindles my passion for photography, lifting the aesthetic of the imperfect to a loftier realm.
Regarding My Mountain Worlds

Landscape & Nature

In landscape photography, I venture beyond postcard idylls to capture the spirit of nature and unique perspectives. My aim is for contrast, exaggerated colors, and three-dimensional depth, to uncover and intriguingly present the hidden facets of the landscape. In my view, I succeed in this endeavor.
Explore My Landscapes
Landschaftsfotografie Schladming-DachsteinLandschaftsfotografie Portugal
Timelapsephotografy AustriaTimelapse-Fotografie Österreich


Street photography is about capturing everyday situations as unique moments and reviving them in images. I seek out thrilling encounters in both ordinary and extraordinary places, making the location come alive. For me, it's the most challenging and beloved genre of photography.
Venture onto the Streets

Architecture & Urban

Architectural photography intertwines visual spatial perception, light, and the character of buildings. I seek perspectives that capture the soul of architecture, visible in lines, style, and shadows. The environment is key to making buildings come alive and appear exciting through the lens.
Explore My Urban Photographs


Night and silence are the core aspects of my light painting. It's about visually amplifying the tranquility of the night and capturing the mysteries in the pale moonlight, without dispelling their enchantment.
Images of the Night

Smartphone Photography

Initially, I was skeptical about professional photography using a mobile phone. However, the improved quality and technology of mobile cameras, along with the convenience of always having them on hand, won me over. The results over the past few years have become very impressive, within the realms of possibility.
Got to my Mobile Photos
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